2. I’m giving up tumblr for Lent so happy Mardi Gras, happy Fat Tuesday, happy Ash Wednesday to everybody! I’ll see you in 40 days!!!


  3. i hate when light-haired girls are just sitting there complaining like “omg my legs are SO hairy!”

    when in reality they look like this:


    and i’m just sitting there like:


    i’ve never laughed so hard at a tumblr post before.

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  4. "I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go."
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  5. itachi420:

    do you think they dyed and styled their hair like that because they fucking love their eeveelutions so much or since its anime were they born with hair like that and chose their evveelutions based on the destiny their hair fortold

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  6. forebidden:




    this is the best visual representation of acid i have ever seen

    Holy fuck

    holy shti

    thats so fuckedddd

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  7. flinch-nerds:

    This tweet is so important to me

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  8. fastforwardpauseplay:

    literally this

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  9. biscuitprince:

    I don’t understand college. Not even a little bit


  10. himaruyolo:

    me? an artist? no. im not an artist. im a drawer. [slides open]

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